2015 May 18

Goal lists are hard because if I don’t follow through with everything on it I consider the whole effort a waste. I’m great at scribbling down to-dos but the commitment of documenting anything officially and publicly is scary. What if iIm not perfect??

But my #1 goal this year is to let go of the anxieties that are causing me to second guess myself instead of just going for it, and this includes documenting some goals that may or may not be met in the next ~7 months. The ones I don’t get to will either get knocked off the list because I didn’t care enough to follow through, or roll over to next year.

  • Learn basic JavaScript principles and how to better determine the use cases for JavaScript vs. jQuery
  • Use Github more actively
  • Master Git via the command line
  • Develop a personal starter kit utilizing Gulp and Sass to streamline my workflow
  • Explore iOS development
  • Teach a class for Girl Develop It
  • Read 30 books
  • Start a Tumblr inspiration board
  • Create a notes section on this site for POSSE tweets
  • Participate in one hackathon
  • Contribute to 1 open source project
  • Build 3 personal projects
  • Including 1 data visualization project
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